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jessica simpson. >> joy: i might be attracted to the accident of food. >> really? >> that could be enticing. >> joy: it might be. cake. [ laughing ] gary gulman will be at the stress factory in new jersey december december 6, 7s and 8 president we'll see you next time. >> cenk: welcome to the "young turks." we take you to a time machine. republicans versus republicans. what were they saying 20 years ago? >> when someone tells me they're going reduce debt and cut spending i take that there will be less spending next year than this year. >> we're nowhere. period. we're nowhere. >> cenk: anymore demint quits the senate. why? the money. we're going to explain to you and show you the numbers.
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the dude abides. look what happened last night in seattle when the clock struck midnight. >> 3-2-1! whoo! >> cenk: you thought it was midnight no, it was 4:20. we've got both sides of that argument again tonight. it's interesting washington now officially the most liberal state. way to go, evergreen. >> white resumes black resumes. white sounding names black sounding names what are the results? the person who did that experiment is on the show. we've got elbows. it is in fact go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: now the president has been selling his idea for the grand bargain and tax increases for the rich in the country.
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in fact, he went on twitter to talk about it. apparently this is the first time on twitter. they put out a little video from the white house about him doing it. here, watch. ♪ >> there we go. my tweet has been posted. that's what i'm talking about. >> cenk: sometimes i forget that he's older than me. come on, dude. that was your first tweet? he's the president of the united states i guess he doesn't have time for tweeter. the campaign has worked. now, the american people were already on his side on this issue based on the polling, but the last poll confirms that. 65% of americans saying let us tax people making over $250,000 a little bit more than they are now, so that makes all the sense in the world. the people are within, get a load of this, now the c.e.o.'s
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are with him. the c.e.o. of fedex arguing it should be higher. >> it is capital investment and equipment and software that are the solution to our economic problems. not the marginal tax rights of individuals. that's my view. >> cenk: then you go to the defense industry, we've got one of their c.e.o.'s: >> cenk: don't get too excited the defense contractors are on our side. here's the reality. if we don't do a deal, we take $600 billion in defense cuts. that usually comes from the defense contractors. so they're like what! cuts in defense! no no, no, let's make a deal. we can raise them up a couple of points, that's all right.
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just don't take $7 billion from me. there's self interest there. there's tremendous moment to make this happen, unless you're looking at republicans. and we have got a treat for you today. we're going to do a little hot tub time machine action here. go back to 1993 when president clinton said that he was going to raise the marginal tax rates. here was those same old republicans, making the same old points 19 years ago. >> we have a solid plan ready to go to reduce the deficit calling for no tax increases and true cuts in government spending. >> as opposed to the clinton plan tax spend job loss. >> the president is taking us down the path of more travels, more spending and bigger government. >> let's force the president and the people who run the house and senate the democratic majority to play the cards on the table. >> he has to reduce the deficit for real. >> we'll have no new taxes and we'll have reform and less
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government as a solution to our problem. >> i think you're going to find what the republicans have done is dramatically more desirable. >> president clinton must understand that he has to cut spend forego real. >> you've got to be persistent in this business. >> cenk: they're saying the identical things nearly 20 years later. were they right? president clinton did raise the marginal tax rates for the top bracket. well, the heritage foundation, the leading conservative think tank predicted doom and gloom along with those republicans you just saw saying it would create higher deficits. they were a recipe for recession. it would "destroy jobs" and undermine america's international competitiveness. obviously since republicans are
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geniuses that's what happened, right? wrong again. here's what happened in reality. we created 22.7 million jobs, 21% increase in wages. and by the way, they were a million% wrong on the deficit. it balanced the budget. not only balanced the budget, it gave us a $236 billion surplus. how do you like that for results? and that's what happened the last time we raised taxes on the upper bracket. so when they tell you the same old lies this time around, there is absolutely no reason to believe it. in fact, there is overwhelming evidence against it. so undeterred, they of course go on none the less. if you're not convinced let me give you more evidence. look at this chart that i'm going to show you. this is economic growth. in 1991, george h.w. bush does a
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tax increase. obviously it's going to go down. let's see what happens. >> whoa. >> wait a minute, economic activity and the economy boomed. clinton in 1993 did another tax increase. then it must have crashed right? let's see what happens. whoa, it went up again. interesting, right? then of course, we have a bubble in terms of the tech crash you remember in 2000. it went down a little bit, but then we had a tax cut in 2001 under george w. bush. after the tax cut obviously it's going to do much better. let's see how that goes. what? after the second tax cut in 2003, a dramatic dive down in the economy. when you look at this, it is obvious when the republicans say hey, if you do tax cuts, it creates jobs, we have a long record of that not being the case. when they say if you increase taxes, oh, you're going to destroy jobs, what are you
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doing? we have a long record of that not being the case. but none the less, i want to go back one more time to christopher cox in 1993. here was his prediction what would happen to the economy if we cut taxes: >> cenk: wrong again cox. so, they were wrong before, they're wrong again today. and then, i've got to give credit to the reverend al sharpton who made an excellent point the other day in a blog posting. he said we're talking about shared pain, but wait a minute, we didn't get any of the benefit of those recovers: >> cenk: and he's only 100%
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right in that. look at this. in 2010, when we had a recovery, did you and i recover? no! the top 1% got 93% of all the income gains during that recovery. so well, if they got 93% of the benefit, now when we're talking about shared pain, shouldn't they do 93% of the pain? no, even under president obama the middle class and the poor are actually going to get 75% of the pain in the best case scenario. that's why i'm against this grand bargain. it's a terrible idea. the people who gain are the ones who should now do that shared sacrifice. in fact, i want to show you about who did do that gain over the long period. this is my favorite chart. productivity i guess the yellow line and it has been zooming up. around the late 1970's, 1980, your wages and income have
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flatlined. you see the giant difference between the yellow and blue line? that is all that extra gain, income productivity that did not go to you. it went to the top 1%. so, if they gained then, and we're talking about sacrifice now, aren't they the ones that should be doing the sacrificing? why do you want to put 71% of the sacrifice on the guys whose wages and income have stagnated? that makes no sense whatsoever. what you're worried about the top 1%, the republicans saying boohoo they're paying so much, it is record high taxes, it is of course the exact opposite. we are right now when you look at the share of the nation's income at a record place for the top 1%. they have the highest share of our nothing wealth since 1928. anybody remember what happened after 1928? oh right! 1929 when we had the great crash that led to the great
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depression. this is a bad idea that have this kind of income inequality, bad in fairness and also for our economy. speaking of bad the guys who have never known what to do about our budget deficit or economy are the republicans. they're on the record. they've been wrong for at least 20 straight years, so why in the world would we start listening to them now? all right. now, when we come back, historic happenings in washington state. not only do we have pot but we've got gay marriage legalized at the same time. how many conservatives heads exploded? we will try to find out when we come back. >> 3-2-1! whoo! >> why not? half the public smokes it. >> that's awesome. we've got more when we return.
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>> cenk: well, what you're looking at here are people celebrating possibility being legal on the left and on the right, celebrating gay marriage, because both of those things are now legal in the state of washington. they came into effect last night at midnight. it takes three days to get a marriage license but the pot smoking has commenced. there was 1300 people by the space needle and the police stood down. they were given orders to stand down, and they did. so this is what happened. >> 3-2-1! whoo! >> ever since i've lived here, for 21 years you look at everybody around here, i have never seen so many happy people in seattle. >> i think it's great that we finally get to that point, you know, why hide it, half the
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public smokes it. why should we have to hide it? why should we all be criminals over something that gross out of the ground, huh? >> cenk: i'm not sure i would have the guy in bandana as the spokesperson. none the less, it was a good moment. actually, it is illegal to smoke it in public, but that's ok. the police in seattle said: >> cenk: and that's smoking pot in public. there are several rules no public places can allow smoking pot. you must be 21. you can't grow it. next december, by next december, they will have rules for licenses on who cancel and they will give out permits. so, we have that to look forward to, as well. here's what we don't to have look forward to, the federal government's response. the u.s. attorney in seattle put out this:
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>> cenk: way to change with the times. of course, all the conservatives who want to crack down on pot are the same guys, state's rights oh, you want to smoke pot, you don't have a right to do that. one of the concerns is how about d.u.i.'s and how will these new laws affect that. >> you want to know why i pulled you over? littering and smoking the reefer. >> driving while high. more drivers are toking up. yet studies in this shows too much marijuana affects coordination and judgment. >> one of the first and important being the reduced ability to divide one's attention. >> marijuana advocates say it is
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less debilitating than alcohol. some say those who drive within three hours of smoking possibility are twice as likely to cause a crash. >> cenk: the seattle police department put out a picket with some words on it that might be very clear as to what their in tent is for their citizens and police officers. the dude abides. welcome to a new america. i love it. let's have a discussion about this. we've got vivian mctigue the executive director of hemp fest, a long time marijuana advocate which is not surprising given the name and james shore an attorney in seattle. all right. let's begin the conversation. first of all, i want to find out your concerns, james let me start with you. >> thank you cenk. well, the concerns are as pointed out in the intro is while we've taken the step to
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legalize marijuana in washington state, it remains illegal under federal law and it will likely take up to a year for the state of washington to figure out how to administer it, regulate it, sell it at the retail level and we don't know if the federal government will step in as it could and stop that from happening. in addition, businesses with drug testing policies, it's important for their employees to understand that the rules really haven't changed marijuana still remains illegal under federal law. >> cenk: vivian, do you have similar concerns or do you think it's no big deal? >> well, cenk, i think james represents the employers sector. they have legitimate issues. i think everybody agrees that an employer should be paying an employee to be sober and to be functioning properly. but what we will need is we need scientific testing that can
4:20 pm
indicate whether an employee is under the influence at the time. you know, right now as it is, all it can show is they imbibed in the last 28, 48 hours or more. >> cenk: you know, as we talk about you this, i don't know why we're so wigged out. i feel like the same thing when it happened under alcohol prohibition, let's say washington and colorado said we'll get rid of prohibition. everybody saying you've got federal law and state law and what happens if people driving drunk and show up to work drunk. >> you're talking about reefer madness, cenk. i think the point that was just made is accurate. we don't have good, scientific medicalle tests. there is a reason for that. marijuana remains illegal for all purposes under federal law. it's classified at the same level as heroin and l.s.d.
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we don't have a test for detecting it accurately in terms of it being under the influence which is why i'm advising my clients to have a testing program which prohibits any detectable amounts so everybody knows the rules. what many employers are concerned about is with all the media and hoopla and people happy about the new law passing that they'll light up a joint an friday night and go into work monday thinking that it doesn't matter that they have to take a drug test. that is not what the case is. >> cenk: so vivian, do we know how long marijuana stays in your body. saturday night they smoke a jointly and they take a drug test monday and you get busted, is it possible? >> absolutely, it happens all the time.
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everybody is different in their body chemistry but marijuana the active metabolite stores in your fat cells. somebody with more fat crows are moor likely to have a dirty test days or weeks after imbibing. taxpayers have been spending $42 a year eradicating marijuana and the return on its investment is the largest per captain at a incarceration of its citizens in the world. it's really a secondary issue to the civil liberty issues we're looking at new what would you say to president obama who in his first campaign had promised that he would not major a priority in terms of federal raids of dispensaries, et cetera? given that it seems that the u.s. justice department is saying hey it doesn't really matter, we're coming for you either way. >> what i would say to president obama is that we've lived all of our lives under the specter of
4:23 pm
this iron curtain of marijuana prohibition. i'd say president obama tear down that wall. this is america. i don't believe that george washington crossed the river so we could be the leading jailer in the entire world the vast majority in there for marijuana offenses. >> cenk: we're out of time. we've got to leave it there. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> cenk: we'll talk about jobs a little bit. al pell said they might be doing some more jobs here. wow! wait until you find out what happened. >> there are skills that are associated with manufacturing that have the people andette occasion to produce them. >> how do we get that back? >> cenk: that's the c.e.o. of apple. i wasn't buying that statement. >> then, this woman yolanda
4:24 pm
spivey tried a white nail on a resume and had amazing results. we'll talk to her when we come back. >> is it the end of the world? only one way to find out. >> we're now concerned about that particular date of december 21, and yes, they are preparing, wanting to store water and food, guns and ammunition.
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really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: we're back on the "young turks." let's talk jobs. let's start with apple. a lot of companies have healthy profit margin, ford motor company, dell. apple's profit margin is 46%. that is an enormous profit margin. part of the reason i tell you that is because when they complain oh, you know, it's too expensive to make apples here at
4:27 pm
home, that's not really true. in fact, the price would remain the same. their profit margin might just go down a little bit. in fact, tim cook, who's the c.e.o. was talking to brian williams at rock center about that. let's listen in on his new promise. >> why can't you be a made in america company? >> you know, this iphone as a matter of fact the engine in here is made in america and not only are the engines in here made in america, but engines are made in america the glass on this phone is made in kentucky. so we've been work forego years on doing more and more in the united states. next year, we will do one of our existing mack lines in the united states. >> cenk: so that's interesting. he said look, we're going to do more, we'll do a whole mac line. you know what happened next? their stock forecast did not react we will and went down
4:28 pm
6.4%. that's why they don't produce here. it's not that they can't make money or have a really healthy profit margin. him talking about we don't have the right skill set here in america and they do in bangladesh? no, it's they want to keep that profit margin, otherwise the stock market punishes them. now, when you hear about markets and jobs that leads to a different part of the conversation. there's a woman named yolanda spivey. she decided to do an experiment. >> what yolanda spivey did created a new name and profile pike on a job search spite. she included her same experience and education but made up the name bianca white and listed her rate as white. in the three years she said been an unemployed insurance rep and
4:29 pm
resumes, she hasn't receives responses. she said bianca immediately started serving emails and phone calls from potential employers while her yolanda profile sat mostly silent. >> cenk: is that anecdotal? there's been a number of studies on it. the numbers are clear. when there are "white names" on a resume, they get positive responses, 23% of the time. when it's a latino name, 19% black name, 13%. that's on name only. it gets worst. white felons do better than blacks with no criminal record. white felons get a response 15% of the time, latinos 14% black res says 10% of the times.
4:30 pm
professor patricia rose joins us and yolanda spivey. great to have both of you here. yolanda, tell me specifically what you did here. >> basically, i created a duplicate profile on and made up the name bianca white and listed her as white because monster that this questionnaire diversity questionaire on their website and you to have fill out your race and sex and all that good stuff. i listed her as white. that i kept my own profile and made both public for one week, and bianca white received all the phone calls. >> cenk: so that's really interesting. is it the same exact resume otherwise. >> same exact resume, job experience educational background, everything you can
4:31 pm
think of, just changed the name and phone number new let me get numbers. how many callbacks did bianca get and how many did yolanda get. >> bianca received i believe oh i think nine phone calls and yolanda received two in a week's time. >> cenk: wow! ok. did you go as bianca anywhere and say i'll take the job? >> no. [ laughter ] >> cenk: now professor rose. >> imagine me showing up. [ laughter ] >> professor rose, and other places say hey look, we don't share the ethnicity here, but on the other hand yolanda is a, you know, fairly normal african-american name people are familiar with that. i don't know how white bianca is, you kind of picked that out of a hat but is that what the difference here is? what's happening? >> well, i mean the name is one small piece of the puzzle, but
4:32 pm
not the whole puzzle. obviously with everything else being the same and given some of the studies that show that people discriminate against black-sounding names that makes it part of the puzzle, but the puzzle is much bigger than that, because of course, yolanda can't show up and be yolanda. she can show up as bianca white and they will not hire her for the reasons other studies show. african-americans are turned away when they were qualified. white felons as you noted do better than black people who are equally equallyified and do not have a felony record. we're looking at a systemic process of significant racial discrimination. this happens before there's any sort of on the job practice or an interview or any real conversation to vet the person. this is just on face value. you know, i want to remind your viewers that this is the reality, but the story we hear
4:33 pm
is how lays african-americans are and they don't want to work, they want to be dependent, i believe is the latest language and they're looking for gifts all the time is part of this underclass. so here you have the reason for the creation of the kind of joblessness, economic differences and circumstances. right here, it's right here. >> we've talked about this in the past together, there's all these horrible stereotypes you've got literally a criminal felon white resume and they'll say no, i'll take that one instead. yolanda, what do you take away from this? one part is obviously these conclusions we've been talking about, but on a personal level, what can you do about it? >> well, what i take away from it is that it's just proof that racism still exists in the job market. black people, and not just black people, but minorities in
4:34 pm
general are being discriminated against when, you know, going for employment. >> cenk: you know, often people asked me if i wanted to change my name because it's chenk uygur and it's a j. sound. i'm proud of my name and don't want to change it. when you look at this do you think it's my name holding me back. it's totally unfair. i warned finished change my name. >> never, i am proud of my name. my mama nailed me, so i'm proud of my name so i would never change my name for anyone. >> cenk: go ahead, professor. >> i love that. that's really important. a lot of people really don't understand how important it is to be true to yourself and honor yourself. >> right. >> because frankly, the name is not going to change the reality of the job experience when the interview happens so yolanda
4:35 pm
should walk around proud and happy to be yolanda in all her full glory and we need to change the system so that everyone has a genuine fighting chance to do the proper job that everyone wants to do. >> cenk: i agree with you guys. we need to change the system so the host named cenk with a c. has just as much of a chance as anyone else. yolanda, thanks for doing the exapproximaterment, it taught all of us a lot. >> thank you. >> cenk: when we come back, senator demint has learned something in the senate. he can't make as much money as if he quits the is that the. we'll tell you about that story. >> this after only a couple of years. >> this is a big deal. >> a lot of my role in the senate has been stopping bad things and saying no to bad things. >> is it the end of the tea party that their leader in the senate is stepping aside? fox is a little hurt they didn't get invited to the white house
4:36 pm
but the hypocrisy on that is amazing. >> look who was invited. >> it's incredible. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. [ male announcer ] red lobster's crabfest ends soon. hurry in and try five succulent entrees like our tender snow crab paired with savory garlic shrimp. just $12.99. come into red lobster and sea food differently. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salads, sandwiches, and more.
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>> cenk: jim demitt was the defactdefacto leader in the tea party. just got elected in 2010. today he said he's stepping down won't be in the senate anymore. interesting. if he thought the tea party was decentent and he wanted to say
4:40 pm
stay? no he realized our days of numbered. we got our ass kicked. whoo. there jose jim demitt, running out of the senate four years early. where is he going? to the heritage foundation, a conservative think tank, a bit of an oxymoron that there would be any kind of thinking at a republican organization, but here he is explaining. >> this is a critical time for america and there's no organization in the country in fact the world that's better positioned to convince the american people that the conservative policies that the heritage foundation has developed over the years are the solutions to the problems we face in the nation. i look forward to take these ideas, these real solutions and show americans in as many ways as we can that these are the ideas that will work. >> cenk: the ideas and the policy solutions that heritage
4:41 pm
foundation has. they are very proud of those. for example when they showed up for the signing of romney care, romney's health care, the basis of obamacare. this is the economic policy study and what they said at the time about that proposal. >> on behalf of my colleagues at the heritage foundation, just allow me to expression our deep appreciation for your gracious invitation to be here today, but even more, we've been honored by your request myself and my colleague who has done a lot of the work on this bill, to participate in giving our best advice and our technical assistance in designing a new and different kind of health insurance market. >> so their best possible advice let the romney care, they were so proud of it. then president obama takes romney care and adopts it on the national level. so what was jim demitt's
4:42 pm
reaction to that? get a load of him earlier at the heritage foundation talking about that. >> the supreme court have said that we could keep it, but the american people must stand up and say it is bad policy, bad law, bad for our economied and most of all bad for health care. >> cenk: all of a sudden that brilliant idea is bad for everything, so bad. you guys are such utter frauds. why did you leave in the first place? lets find out. >> i have terminated myself. i never intended to be a career politician. >> nonsense! you might say that at the end of your term, but if you leave four years early no, he went for the money, lebow ski. he's among the poor senators. he didn't come in rich. there's nothing wrong with that. he was number 98 out of 100. he has 16,000 to 65,000 in
4:43 pm
savings. for a senator that is a very small amount of money. he's in washington, everybody around him is incredibly rich, almost all millionaires, what is he going to do? run for the money. he makes $174,000 as a senator. the last heritage foundation president in 2010 made over a million dollars. to get senator demitt, they probably paid him quite a mint. that's a huge increase in salary. he's running for the money. by the way here's what's interesting. according to just this salary, he would be making the equivalent of his net worth 16 times a year. all the money he's ever saved up in his life, he would times it by 16 every single year because of the salary that he's getting at the heritage foundation. this is how it works. the rich people funnel money to the heritage foundation and they funnel it to their sellouts.
4:44 pm
the heritage foundation that an $80 million budget, koch brothers are top contributors, of course, the south korean government has given to them because they want free trade deals. jim demitt votes for those and goes back to the heritage foundation and gets money from them. who else does the foundation give money to, loafers dead beatses and takers, rush limbaugh and sean hannity. why do you need subsidies? if you believe in your policy idea senator demitt, wouldn't you stay in the senate and fight for them? no, all of this is about organized bribery and the heritage foundation is not a think tank. it's a money laundering operation. the rich give money there to get the results they want from the conservative media and politicians that they buy and jim demitt is a perfect example of that. >> when we come back, it's a
4:45 pm
lighter issue, kind of. turns out that the people who are right who have this theory about how the world is going to end in two weeks are right. my guess is they're not going to quite make it. we do have an expert on it. >> it's in this mountain that there are aliens who some believe are going to save you.
4:46 pm
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4:48 pm
>> cenk: all right, we're back on the "young turks." you've all heard that the mayan calendar says the world ends december, 2012, it's more specific december 21 2012. there's theories. a comet might hit the earth approximately it could be a planetary collision. a lot of people are preparing for it. get a load of this report from abc news. >> niko sanchez is one of 102
4:49 pm
people from san diego preparing for the worst. >> the supermarkets are empty i've got food. if there's no water i've got water. >> the mayan calendar only extends to december 21 2012. some determine that as the prediction of end of days on that date. to get ready sanchez is stockpiling food, war and medication. >> they are now concerned about that particular day and yes they are preparing. wanting to store water and food, guns and ammunition. >> that's my son he's 10 months old. >> he says money is no object when you have a lot to protect. >> cenk: that dude's got a machete. by wait, if the world ends, what good is that going to do? nasa put out a statement:
4:50 pm
>> cenk: ok, now joining us, david morrison, a senior scientist as nasa. do people really believe this? >> a lot of young people believe it, and that's pretty scary because i hear from kids who say that they can't sleep, they can't eat, they are considering suicide in some cases so whatever the other effects may be onioning crazies, it truly frightens children, which i think is wrong. >> the suicide thing is interesting. i never got the logic of that. the world's going to end so let me kill myself. why don't you stick around and find out if that's true or not. it really adds fuel to the fire of people who are already depressed, right? >> that's right. one example a woman wrote to me once and asked me that her only friend was her little dog. when should she put her to sleep so she wouldn't suffer in the
4:51 pm
catastrophe. >> cenk: people drive me crazy. now, how many people do you think actually believe this stuff? >> a poll suggestion about 25 million americans don't expect to see christmas this year. >> cenk: whoa! >> i know it's going to be ok. just last week i got my 2013 mayan calendar in the mail, so i know it doesn't end. >> cenk: that's the other question. how do you talk sense to people who are already crazy? what would you say to them? >> well, i worry about those people. there's nothing going to happen to the earth. there's so cosmic catastrophe coming, but it's scary to think of millions of people storing up guns and ammo and machete. i just hope they stay in their hole on december 21 and don't come out and make a mess.
4:52 pm
>> cenk: lets all pray that there's no earthquake. these guys will go into an epic panic and then we'll have a real disaster. the most common scenarios are the planets colliding. >> if you're thinking about a comet or a planet, the whole sky's up there, everybody can see it. if there were a planet coming, it would be the pridest object in the sky. you don't have to believe me or the government, just go out and look. same way with the comets. if they were out there, we'd all be watching. >> cenk: all right. believe me, they'll be looking on the 20th. i'm going to show you the place where we can hide in case we're wrong. >> they believe that a place in southwest fraps, this is going to be the place that will save you from the apocalypse.
4:53 pm
they call this the sacred mountain, the peaks. it's believed that in this mountain, there are actually aliens that are going to save you. people are already booking apartments, and bed and breakfast to come in for this period. >> cenk: what are you going to do, man? anna and jayar are here too. what would you do? >> eat non-stop, everything that i ever wanted to eat, i would do so. this has no scientific backing at all. when it comes to climate change, something with scientific backing, no one cares. the thing that might end the world, no one cares. >> cenk: that is the point of the week. near the end of the week. >> sit back, watch the nba drink a beer. >> cenk: david what would you
4:54 pm
do. >> what i'm going to do is drink a bottle of champagne and stop even thinking about these catastrophes. i agree the one serious threat we have is global warming and i'm going to spend more of my time writing and asking questions about that instead of these fantasies. >> cenk: all right great point. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. i'm with anna, i'd eat like crazy, banana cream pie every single day. >> when we come back, we drop an elbow on a conservatives head. that's always fun.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> cenk: so a couple of days ago, a number of msnbc hosts went over to the white house to talk to the president. makes sense this happens under allle presidents. it didn't make sense to the fox news crew. they were outraged. >> look who was invited who was
4:57 pm
left to run msnbc yesterday? >> it's incredible! >> i don't know why anyone's surprised by that. >> to invite five talk show hosts in all from the same channel? that's outrageous. >> cenk: a cable news channel coordinating with a political party in this country outrageous. laura ingraham itlaura ingraham said: >> outraged, rightly outraged. then we found this picture which is my favorite picture of
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